Countless Ways To Play!

“It's when we're bored and have to dig deep to find ways to fill our time that imagination is born.”

- Melissa, co-founder of Melissa & Doug

Activity Pads

Sticker collections, colouring pads and craft books come in a variety of themes and formats.

We have secret decoder sets that let kids solve mysteries with magic ink, to Paint With Water sets for beginners.

Our Water WOW! activity pads are compact and portable, perfect for travel!

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Developmental Toys

Our classic developmental skill builders and early learning toys never go out of style!

Help build gross and fine motor skills, counting, number, sorting and stacking, and encourage alphabet activities.

Durable construction makes these toys ideal for growing minds.

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Arts & Crafts

Our easy-to-use art supplies and confidence-building craft kits let kids express themselves.

From wooden bead kits and mess-free glitter, to classic wooden stamping sets, we have something for every taste!

Our easels and art supplies offer quality creative tools to bring out the true artist!

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Choose from wooden puzzles with pegs or textures, to giant floor puzzles packed with colourful details.

Our chunky puzzles are just right for toddlers and preschoolers. They're easy to handle, quick to solve.

Our sound puzzles are very popular, introducing the world to toddlers.

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Pretend Play

Realistic play kitchens, play food and accessories bring make-believe worlds to life!

Our quality wooden kitchen sets are a firm favourite for any budding young chef keen to whip up culinary delights.

Role play outfits let kids create imaginary worlds. They can dress up as doctors, mermaids, pirates, knights, princesses, astronauts, engineers or rock stars!

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Plush Toys

Furry, fuzzy, soft and cuddly friends of all sizes are crafted from top quality materials. They'll be huggable companions for years to come!

Our collection of lifelike animals include creatures from the forest to the farm, the savanna to the sea, while our fantasy friends collection brings magical dragons and unicorns to life!

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Let's Take Back Childhood!

“Kids who are just passively stimulated by a glowing screen don't have to do the neural heavy lifting to create those images... thus stunting their own creative abilities.”

- Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, PhD and Childhood Addiction Specialist

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